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Thailand  | Online since: 04/18/2019
Manager Commercial Analysis  | Business Unit / Segment / Line: Healthcare - HEC:SUPPORT  | Function & sub-function: Client and Customer Services - After-Sales Support  | Market and location: Thailand - Fantree 3  | Contract type: Permanent headcount Short description: Job summary:
• To perform as owner/leader in taking ownership when there is an issued raised.
• To perform as a gateway from and to between DKSH and Outsourced companies by working closely with Finance and Legal.
• To report risk and damage from business to management to seek for prevention i.e. tax penalty and fine.
• To connect DKSH all Finance functions with outsourced companies.
• To connect outsourced companies with operation team in DKSH after sorting the root of issue and relate issue to the right function.
• To cooperate / arrange to maintain status of company to be ready for HEC business use: FDA licenses, directorship, address location, IT and communication, commercial license etc.
Business metrics:
Financial data/KPI
• Security and continuous of business under each entity.
• Sales volume under each entity.
• Expense of each entity and hiring cost of outsourced companies.
• Cash amount holding for Bank guarantee.
• As business required
Main job challenges
• Some of nature business flow has potential to be wrong under tax law.
• Knowledge about business and know people in both BU and Central service is fundamental factor in achievement of this role.
• Center point of everything relates to these entities.

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Thailand  | Online since: 09/18/2018
Technologist, Innovation Center  | Business Unit / Segment / Line: Performance Materials - PM:FOOD&BEVERAGE INDUSTRY  | Function & sub-function: Sales - Technical Sales  | Market and location: Thailand - Fantree 1  | Contract type: Permanent headcount
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Thailand  | Online since: 07/20/2018
Manager, Group Learning and Development  | Business Unit / Segment / Line: OTH - OTH:Corporate Center  | Function & sub-function: People & Organization - Talent Management  | Market and location: Thailand - Fantree 4  | Contract type: Permanent headcount Short description: Manage Group-wide leadership development framework and programs to strengthen our leadership pipeline.
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Thailand  | Online since: 06/04/2018
Manager, Market Intelligence  | Business Unit / Segment / Line: Healthcare  | Function & sub-function: Marketing - Market Intelligence  | Market and location: Thailand - Fantree 3  | Contract type: Permanent headcount Short description: Supervise team member and provide support on Sales Force Automation (SFA) System e.g. EchoPlus, sales & market intelligence, and Client services in the area of sales and marketing.
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Thailand  | Online since: 05/30/2018
Manager, Key Account Management  | Business Unit / Segment / Line: Healthcare - HEC:PHARMA / RX  | Function & sub-function: Sales - Medical Sales  | Market and location: Thailand - Fantree 3  | Contract type: Permanent headcount Short description: Manage sales accounts and develop and implement sales plan and promotional program to achieve the annual sales target of key customers and monitor the planned strategies and tactics.

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Thailand  | Online since: 02/05/2018
Senior Executive Manager, Client Management -Pharmacy Channel  | Business Unit / Segment / Line: Healthcare - HEC:OTC / CONSUMER HEALTH  | Function & sub-function: Client Management - Client Management  | Market and location: Thailand - Fantree 3  | Contract type: Permanent headcount Short description: -Lead and direct marketing programmers and activities to meet the organization's short and long-term business objectives, comply with regulations and standards and protect the organization's public reputation.
-Drive forecasting and business analysis activities. Responsible for sales force and marketing management for existing and new business.

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Regional recruitment team  | Online since: 12/21/2015
Regional Director, Business Development, Healthcare (Pharma)  | Market and location: Thailand
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